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not really, but it feels like it.

we've had to replace our windows and 1 skylight in the fam room in the back of our house. We spend 80% of our awake time in there, but the windows were crappy and 1 skylight was cracked from ice damage this past winter. We figure replacing them, while expensive, will pay for itself in improved heating bills. The windows and slider got done a few weeks ago, but the skylight was done last night. Now, only 1 skylight was broken, but wow it was screwed. 2 full width cracks, plus the glass had shifted. leaking barely describes it. Home depot said that while we could replace just one skylight, since the other 2 were fine, we had agree to let them reflash and reshingle the other 2 skylights. I wasnt thrilled as the roof was just done 2 years ago, but I understand their logic. they dont want to have to be responsible if someone else's crappy roof job causes leaks and it cant be figured out who's work is responsible. So we agreed.
the work got done yesterday. The skylight they brought was a better one then we asked for, we wanted one that was static, they brought one that opens and is screened, but OK, we're not paying for anything extra and it was worth it for them to not have to go back and get cheaper skylight. Work is done, they leave(but I wasnt there, I was at work by then) and we settle in and admire the work. The we get a torrential rainstorm. the new skylight? Solid and dripfree. Our old, perfectly good, non leaking skylight? One is leaking like a sunnofabitch. Luckily we have not yet signed our satisfaction contract, and they're sending someone out. So glad we got a heavy rainfall last night


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